ME: Now before i really get into the interview i wanted you to introduce yourself to the fellow Bloggers and Views and tell them a little bit about LYNA ZERROUKI.

LYNA: - Hey my name is Lyna Zerrouki, i am passionated about Fashion since i am 5, i am an artsist i paint and do photograph, my biggest goal is to inspire others and be the best. i spend most of my time working on all kind of project and on dresses and outfits. I am a Young Crafter$, it's more than an movement it's a way of living, we're fresh and we're fresh EVERYDAY! not just on pictures. I am a cool kid too biggest goal--> BE THE BEST in everything you do and i try to make everyone go in my direction.

ME: Now i also see that you are apart of the Young Crafters Movement.Can you tell me a little about how the movement came about?And what are you guys future plans when it comes to the hole movement?

LYNA: The Young Crafter$ movement is to show the world what we are capable of but not only US it's about all the kids that are in the same direction, Young Crafter$ is for everyone that is ambitious and dope. Our future plan is to keep inspire others, and the full lookbook will super soon come out so stay tune.

ME: I also see that you have a blog called you tell me how the name Becauseofbless became the name of your blog?

LYNA: I love that question! Because Of Bless it's BECAUSE OF BLESS! Bless is a very good friend that just keep inspire me all the time, he told me to do a blog and i did one! so i thought that it was because of him so when i did the blog it was certain that i was going to call it Because of Bless.

ME: As we all no your fashion sence is out of this world. Who or what inspires your fashion as far as the way you dress?

LYNA: Thanks! i am inspired by everything, but i have to say my biggest inspiration is Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, Pharrell was really my first inspiration i started wearing Bbc Ice cream when it first came out and from there i really started to go shop everywhere in the world i think that as i travel a lot it make my closet so hard cause i have pieces from just everywhere, sneakers from Rome, Jacket from Paris, T-shirt from Tokyo, stuff like that!
I also see that you have good taste in music of course let alone that you no what the real definition of what the word M.U.S.I.C means.So i just had to ask who are your top five artist and why? AHHHH!!! this is hard i can't say 5 because it's amazing how much artist are out there and they are just so talented, but my favorite ones are: Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Lil Wayne,Diggy , Jay-Z, Drake, Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys, i hate to start saying that cause they are so much people i love!

ME: Speaking of the five artist that you picked have any of them had an impact on you and if so in what way's are they?

LYNA: Pharrell had a big impact i started everything just by looking at him, so he is a very important part of me and of how i dress like, after Kanye West had a huge impact too, because Kanye i can't even describe how much he inspire me every single day as Pharrell , they are amazing. Kanye new blog, as an example it's not a blog, not a site, it's a PIECE OF ART. you can see how much he work on every single thing he make.

ME: When it comes to the Young Crafters what do you plan to bring to the table? And what do you plan to do that you sets you apart from others?

lYNA: I plan to bring my swag, and i am the only girl so i bring heels too haha but we're all different and this is what makes us so unique i am from Paris, i travel all around the world i think that i bring a unique view and my french fresh
In a span of this next decade where do you plan to see yourself as far as Fashion goes? I plan to be the best, in Fashion thats my only goal the best and the most creative.

ME: What are some things we can expect from LYNA ZERROUKI in the year of 2010?

LYNA: In the year of 2010 you can expect a lot, with the Young Crafter$ and with my Cool Kid Project! if you want to know more about the cool kid project here is the site, i plan to do big things this year! stay tune

ME: Well jovany before we start the interview if you don't mine i would like you to introduce your self and tell the fellow viewers and bloggers a little bit about yourself and what you do?

JOVANY: My Name is Jovany Perez. 15. 1/2 of Adeen 1/3 of Young Crafter$. Stylist/Designer

ME: how long have you been in the fashion industry? and what are some things you have learned over the years about fashion?

JOVANY: I don't really consider myself as being in the fashion industry,yet. I really got serious about it about 2 years ago. When it comes to fashion, be no one but yourself.

ME: I see that you are in the YOUNG CRAFTERS can you tell me how the group was created? and what do you guy's plan to accomplish as far as the hole movement goes?

JOVANY: Me and Diggy just came together one night and we told ourselves we had to work on something this year. Young Crafters was born in a span of two days after dishing out a bunch of ideas. Besides being a style team we want to inspire other young kids to get a jump start on their dreams. We also might have a few collaborations for this year.

ME: what are some things that set you apart from other people fashion wise?

JOVANY: I'm only 15 and I sort of feel I'm ahead of my time, fashion wise. My style is a mix between high-end/Preppy/urban

ME: in a span of 15 years what do you plan to accomplish when it comes to fashion?

JOVANY: A resume thicker than a snickers bar, full of styling jobs, lol. My line Adeen etched in stone and established. Amongst other business ventures, I hope to soon accomplish successfully.

ME: are their any special projects that you are working on that we can be on the lookout for? and if so what are they?

JOVANY: I'm releasing plushy pins in August! You can be on the lookout for that. You can possibly purchase them at other online accounts also.

ME: if you could pick any fashion designers that has had a big impact on you and your life who would it be? and why?

JOVANY: Ralph Lauren. He makes time-less beautiful clothing. I have more Ralph Lauren in my closet than anything else. He's just the MAN!

ME: can you give me that whole story on how ADEEN MAGAZINE was created? and what are you guy's intentions as far as it goes?

JOVANY: Me and my bro Remy both went to the same high school. So we created our blog for people to follow up on our progress as Adeen and individuals. For Adeen is a clothing line in the works.

ME: how do you pick out your outfit for the day as far as the weather goes?

JOVANY: I layout in my mind what pieces I wanna wear and would be appropriate for the weather then I put together my outfit lol

ME: In this year of 2010 what can we expect from Mr. jovany perez?

JOVANY: The unexpected!

ME: Last words?